The Canadian Defence & Security Capabilities

Canadian companies have a wide range of capabilities to offer the global defence and security sector. The Canadian Defence and Security Capability Database is a cutting edge and innovative software application designed to showcase the Canadian depth and breadth of defence, maritime, aerospace, security and space capabilities. This application truly allows one to search for new opportunities, target what they need and discover new opportunities.

The Canadian Defence and Security Capability Database allows for a more effective and efficient way for defence attaches, Canadian trade commissioners, business development officers from the Canadian Commercial Corporation, IRB managers from Industry Canada among others, such as industrial customer base and potential industrial partners to find Canadian suppliers of defence and security capabilities.

This development is in partnership with the departments of Industry Canada (IC), Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), National Defence (DND), Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC),Export Development Canada (EDC), the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) and the Western Economic Diversification Canada.  

This commonly developed and shared database will allow for a better understanding and common access to information on the depth and breadth of Canadian-based defence and security industrial capabilities.  CADSI and our federal government partners are creating an excellent marketing tool for our industry.

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